Where to begin...

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Where to begin...

Post  jas2000 on Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:55 am

...when doing nothing is so much easier,
expecting events to come and go by themselves,
without any sense of power to influence.

Should one just sit back and relax,
and watch the show,
like in a vegatative state,
or should one dare to believe,
that oneīs outspoken word carries weight?


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Re: Where to begin...

Post  f on Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:03 am

That sounds like some wired irish poet. The spirit of the globalisation movement is certainly hitted. cyclops

World Party Germany nearly would have been founded in Heiligendamm. I missed the opportunity. Some of us where there, and there was the opportunity to get the attention of mass media.

One of my friends where even raged as the slogans for heiligendamm become known. The first announcements for storming Heiligendamm in Germany came from our Server, where my friend and provider hosted a munich indymedia project.

From that point of view a big publicity loss. We could have looked like the most oldschooled styled part of the whole movement. pirat Since we had already more then 50 machineguns and 8 sniper rifles pointed on our chest. And a national stateslaywer on the top, leading this action with three commisionars.

But I didnīt wanted World Party to be asscociated with that, thatīs why we didnīt founded there.
And World Party also has no other associations to the mentioned indynews.net site than a common server in reality. rendeer

I also found the strategical problem to appear too green styled, founding the World Party Germany in the attaquers camps.
That would have given to much of an image, we canīt need.
Since we want to make World Party an institutional trust partner from the beginning on.
We want to seriously apply for our matters and make this the stories. farao

Amnesty also works that way.
They also have no associations towards semi-aggressive chaotizism.

Otherwisely at least, WP Germany wouldnīt be the 42nd part of World Party. It would be among the 30ties. And 42 is now a number that fits Germany well. afro

What about Swedens World Partyīs history ?

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Re: Where to begin...

Post  jas2000 on Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:25 pm

I have been busy doing nothing, and so... nothing has happened.

As I suspected things have not been happening by themselves for the better - the world will just have to wait for me to wake up or something

In the mean time I shall watch the borders opening for emigration, the differences between territorial states fade away, and maybe greed.


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Protest and Movement and Progress

Post  Fabian Elleder on Mon May 03, 2010 5:58 pm


I just want to clairify, that World Party Germany has no
contacts to the Block G8, and other movements that donīt recognize the
states powers.

It is not wanted to put the national law orders
in doubt, by violence on demonstrations, or by diffuse angst. This is
not what the federalist movement "World" stands for.

World Party
should be generated as conservative wing of the international and
bilateral minded avarage citizens. Cooperation with the national
institutions, sending ideas, proposals. That is the work.

Of course World Party needs an own attempt towards global structural change. Especially the widening gap between rich and poor. Therefor, we need consense about a global social system and a fiat currency, which pays the bill. (We all learned in schools geography: The international structural change, called globalisation, has more loosers then winners. We need the ultimate recepie towards that.)

G8 demonstrations are no defining point. They are simply a possibility to share the idea, that the federalisme is active. "World" is another movement, a world federalist one, where we can claim the progress on ICC, the progress of UNPA Campaign and last but not least, the growing community of "World".

But the goals of World Party do sustain demonstrations that are clearly and previously peaceful and adressing the need of international solutions towards globalisation.
But we take distance, if it ever could become violent.

Best wishes,


Fabian Elleder

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Re: Where to begin...

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