Discussing Heiligendamm

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Discussing Heiligendamm

Post  f on Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:58 am

Heiligendamm was the stongest appearance of a globalisation movement yet.

World Party Germany missed the opportunity to be founded there.

On the other hand there are also good reasons to let pass an event like Heiligendamm.

There where pictures of young people in tents on a meadow, there where pictures of blocking the entrances and there where pictures of beating policemen.

Itīs clear that we would have avoided any contact with chaos blocks on demonstrations. But pictures of beeing beaten by the police canīt be avoided by principle.

Would an introduction of World Party in this surrounding have looked fine ? Or would it have subwandered conservative interests of World Party in other countries ?

I think finally, it was a failure not to take a hook on it. On the other hand we can now claim, we stayed appart to proove that we are a conservative reaction on this event. :-)

Letīs discuss. Exclamation

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